15 June 2014

Le MOLY soap factory - Savonnerie Le MOLY

Hi everyone!!!

Such a long time since i posted something on my blog. But as you may know, i had the project to open a soap business, and believe me, it takes a lot of time to make it real! So today, i finally would like to share with you my little soap business.

I'm proud and happy to present you my soap factory, Le MOLY

Le MOLY is a magic plant which has the gift to make people human and wise.

It's a good representation of my life philosophy, taking time to be aware of nature and people around us and stay simple and happy.

What a pleasure to make my dreams real!

Here is the links if you want to glance at the website

I'll try to transalte the webiste soon.

Hope you will enjoy it

Lovely soapy day


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