25 March 2013

Tussah silk fibre into a soap

  Second week, second test...  Tussah silk

Such a beautiful ingredient! I like to work with it. First of all, because it's very soft to work with, but above all, the benefit it brings to the soap is remarkable

 Look how the fibre are light and thin


And one good point as well of using tussah silk into your soap is that you don't need a lot to work with. A tiny amount is necessary. You can add between 0.03 and 0.2% of  the total oils at your lye solution . And because it's light, it finally represents a lot

How to work with tussah silk? It's very easy, you have to separate the fibre and cute them into a small pieces as I did on this follow picture. That's the most difficult things to do, because you'll see, silk is very hard to cut.  There is almost no texture, it's quite tricky

Then, the best way to dissolve it, is to incorporate the silk into your lye solution when it's still hot. You have to stir it quite often to help the silk to dissolve quickly

Silk into lye solution straight after mixing the caustic soda with water. Stir it for 2 min

10 min after, the silk starting to dissolve. Stir it for more 2 min

20 min after the step 1, the silk is almost completely dissolve. It's ready to mix with your oils

 What are the benefit of tussah silk into the soap?  

  • It definitely gives a slippery effect to a soap
  • Add a silky filling to a soap, a kind of softness
  • It gives to a soap a shiny appearance

 Using a soap made with tussah silk is a real luxury for your skin, I really like the feeling

Let's play a little game for the next test:

I give you a clue for the next ingredient test:     As fresh as ice... What it can be?

If you can find it, I'll send you the soap of your choice on the blog.  I'm looking forward to see your answer!!!


  1. Nice experiment, Jenny! Never tried Tussah silk in soap, thanks for sharing!
    You have to give us more hints about your next ingredient test, it can be so many things :)

    1. If you have the occasion Natalia, You should! It's great into soap, really!

      The next ingredients can be so many things that's true, I'm not precise on purpose, in that case, people can share with us plenty of ideas about a fresh ingredients that we can use into soaps :)

      And you can share more than one answer ;)

  2. Jenny, merci beaucoup pour ce super tuto en images.

    Maintenant que j'ai vu les images de la dissolution de la soie en cheveux, je vais certainement à mon tour tenter d'en mettre dans mes savons.

    Ton savon est très joli. Bravo !

    1. Merci Colchique!

      La soie est trés facile à utiliser et le soyeux quelle apporte au savon est tout simplement géniale, je recommande vraiment :)

  3. Hello JennY !
    J'aime beaucoup ton blog, il est très intéressant et je trouve tes savons très beaux. Je t'avais envoyé un message privé sur le forum Couleur Savon pour te le dire, mais c'est mieux ici, non ?

    1. Coucou Virginie! Merci pour ce petit message que je découvre bien tard :) l'ouverture imminente de la savonnerie me demande beaucoup de temps du coup jai avec regret délaissé le blog et je nai pas vu ton gentil message :) ca fait toujours plaisir en tout cas, j’espère que j'ai pu t'aider un peu en partageant mes expérience